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Change These Lives

These are a few of our patients who were identified for surgery in 2013.

Save a life for $175

Imagine having the chance to save a life for $175.00! This is your opportunity to be part of our team. On each trip to Haiti we identify approximately 80 people who need life-saving surgery. To date over 300 patients from Tibouk have received surgery.


Four hours away in Milot sits a Catholic hospital by the name of L'Opital Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart Hospital), which is supported by a Catholic Foundation in the USA. Every week U.S. surgical specialty teams arrive and perform life saving surgeries at no cost to the patient. Our only expense is $175.00 per patient hospitalization. 


Our medical team can identify potential surgical cases, surgeons can donate the surgery, but without the $175.00 for the hospitalization all our efforts are in vain. This is where we need and are counting on your help. 


Recently 100 patients have been sent for surgery on faith that you will be moved to help the poorest of the poor. They have no voice but ours and no hands but yours. Please prayerfully consider changing someone's life by donating to our surgery fund.

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