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Each year in March, we travel to our twin parish St. Jules in Haiti. The remote village of Petit Bourg du Borgne, nicknamed Tibouk, is located in the NW mountainous region. Preparations begin in September because trip logistics are very complicated. 


Typically half the team is from Immaculate Conception in Clarksville,TN and the rest from other parts of the country. We are located near Fort Campbell and have been blessed to have a number of active and retired military as part of our mission team in addition to people from many other walks of life.


Each member of the mission team pays their own travel expenses of approximately $ 1,800.00. The other expenses of about $30,000 are met by donations and fundraisers. This money goes to pay for interpreters, and a ton of medical, pharmaceutical, dental, and surgical supplies. Since we have a medical clinic that runs year round the team focuses on seeing 500 difficult cases.  


Goals during the mission trip:

Location of Tibouk in Haiti

Medical Goals:

1.  Identifying people who need major surgery 

2.  Treating acute care and chronically ill patients

3.  Performing minor surgery

4.  Dental care and extractions

5.  Pharmacy training

6.  Continuing education for clinic staff


St. Jules School:

1. Financial support  

2. School supplies

3. Commercial copier

4. Library books

5. Uniforms 



1. 1,000 Readers

2. 5,000 Toothbrushes and toothpaste

3. 200 soccer balls

4. Pillowcase dresses

5. Stuffed animals

6. Musical Instruments

7. Birthing Kits

Special projects:

1. Built a permanent incinerator

2. Built outdoor showers

3. Shelving

4. Repair generator

5. Repair plumbing  



1. Choral Groups

2. Women's groups

3. Soccer team

4. Parish council

5. Faculty of St. Jules School


Tibouk from above

Applications for this trip are available starting in September. If you are not on our email list please contact us for an application.


This trip is not for the faint of heart. You have to be ready for anything including bumpy roads, lack of privacy, hard work, emotional moments, and spiritual insights.. beware it might just change your life.


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