St. Jules parish school provides a good education starting with kindergarten and ending at grade 6. But the school building itself is subpar even by Haitian standards and needs to be replaced. 


Our pastor, Father Emery Menard, C.S.C., is ready and waiting with blueprints for the new school. The cost for a basic new school built to earthquake-proof standards with 7 large classrooms and electricity is $105,000. This is the current #1 priority for us and the parishioners of St. Jules. We know this is possible.  The new medical clinic was build on budget and on time. We can do the same for the school with your help!  Let's help build a school that won't fall on the children's heads. 

Read more about the condition of the school below.

Let's build a school!

Building fund Instructions


Your contribution can help repair or replace the infrastructure in Tibouk. Donations can go to building destroyed chapels, replacing the incinerator to dispose of medical biohazards, or repairs for St Jules Church or School.


To ensure your donation goes to the building fund, send us a message with instructions on which fund you want your money to go to. We will make sure your donation goes to the area of most need if no instructions are given.

The Match: Double Your Donation

Fundraising for the new school seemed like an insurmountable job until a wonderful benefactress stepped forward.  Her gift is to match any donation given to the school building fund, up to $50,000.  This matching offer is for a limited time--ending on Jan1, 2014.


Please consider taking advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Condition of the School

Built in 1966 of porous non-reinforced concrete, it is a crumbling mess that might fall apart with the slightest pressure. The parents and teachers are especially concerned for the safety of the school children because NW Haiti is situated directly on an earthquake fault. Haiti had a massive deadly earthquake in 2011.The current school, besides being unsafe, lacks electricity for its 500 students! 

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