Latest Updates from Haiti!

December 2022:


Despite all that is going on in Haiti with the political situation and the insecurity, Father Snell has been able to accomplish a lot. Your ongoing financial assistance and prayers have made all of the following possible.


Here is a recent picture of the Mary Maternity Center. It is coming along very nicely and the structure is beautiful. Keep in mind this was all done by hand and there was no power equipment utilized.


The Mary Maternity Center will need a large amount of water to adequately care for the laboring mothers and newborns. To that end a well is being dug to get to an underground water source. Below are pictures from the work on the well. When water is found it will be pumped up and treated by a reverse osmosis filtration system. This will provide for clean drinkable water. This will be a first for the village. As many of you may know we have tried various water filtration systems but have not been successful.

Additionally, there is also a vocational school being at St.Jules to assist the young people in their vocations and allow them to get good jobs when they complete their education. (Bottom left photo)



Digging well.jpeg
Digging with hands (1).jpeg
Vocation school construction (4).jpeg
Mary Maternity Center.jpeg