Spotlight on Dell Stiner

Dell Stiner from Memphis, TN, is an extraordinary woman who has been a part of the I.C. Haiti ministry since we began our mission trips in 1996. Her degrees as both a lawyer and a registered nurse have benefited us in many ways over the years. Beyond that, Dell has worked relentlessly to raise funds for various projects in our village including the recent acquisition of the new truck, but most especially to assist students in the school.


Dell has a remarkably fine understanding of and sympathy for the spiritual reality that drives our mission.  Her calm demeanor and clear reliance on the strength provided by the Holy Spirit shines forth in all that she does.  She regularly finds a song to sing in the evening that serves as a point of reflection for the team.


Dell, now retired, spends several months each year in Tibouk doing whatever she can to help. Most of her time is spent in the medical clinic administering to patients and teaching the staff new medical skills. She also finds time to teach English in the village, songs and games to children, and to plant flower seeds in the rectory garden. We have been so blessed to have Dell on out team for all these years.