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St. Jules Medical Clinic

On our first visit to Tibouk in 1995 we were astounded by the desperate need for health care in the village. The population of 65,000 was being "cared " for by one community health worker operating out of an old coffee warehouse. With more experience than education and very few supplies she had little to offer patients. Malaria, complications during childbirth, simple infections or machete injuries meant certain death. For next 5 years we arrived annually with a medical team of doctors, nurses, a dentist, surgeon and support personnel and two tons of medical supplies. We treated over 2,000 patients, did minor surgery, pulled teeth and identified patients who needed surgery. 


When the devastating earthquake hit Haiti in 2010, the donations we received were used to build a new medical clinic to earthquake standards. Today the new clinic is fully operational and medically equipped and a source of great pride to the people of Tibouk. It employs 2 nurses, a lab technician, and a pharmacy technician.Two days a week a doctor is on staff to handle the tough cases.


Many of the more than 400 patients seen each month walk over 4 hours while seriously ill or injured to receive treatment. Those too ill to walk are carried down the mountain by family members on a door removed from their hut. Many of us have seen the desperation in the eyes of a Haitian mother holding a dying child. We thank God for those of you who have not seen but support this vital life giving ministry.


The monthly operating expenses of $1,700.00 are paid for with donations made to the IC Haiti fund. 


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