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Items to Gather for People in Tibouk, Haiti

Some of the daily needs of people in rural Haiti are so basic and compared to our lives in the United States it is mind boggling.  

Here are some generally inexpensive things that you could gather that would truly improve daily life for someone in Tibouk: 

  • toothbrushes and toothpaste

  • new "reader" glasses (We prefer new glasses because the magnifying strength is clearly marked on the new pairs. Readers are available at "dollar" stores.  We do not accept used prescription glasses.)

  • eyeglass cases (new or used)

  • deflated soccer balls; soccer ball pumps and needles

  • jump ropes, decks of cards, domino games

  • dolls, stuffed animals, action figures, trucks, cars

Donations of money for any of these items is also accepted and appreciated.

Collected Items may be mailed to us. Contact us for more information:



Used Musical Instruments

An important cultural aspect of Tibouk is music, as evidenced by the 30 plus choral groups and marching bands. In this village with no electricity, TVs, video games, or computers, music fills the gap. Young people especially turn to music as a creative and social outlet.


They come together with the time, talent and desire to play but what they lack are the musical instruments. In the U.S. most young people have owned and played a musical instrument usually during Jr. High. Parents are usually at a loss as to what to  do with the instruments once the children have left home. That means there are an abundance of used musical instruments collecting dust in garages, attics, and closets. Please look and ask around for discarded guitars, bugles, violins, saxophones, and for any other musical instruments that are in good condition.


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