St Jules Clinic and School serves 65,000 of the world's most impoverished people.Help us to help them.



How to help

Imagine having the chance to save a life for $175.00!  On each trip to Haiti we identify approximately 80 people who need life-saving surgery. Every week U.S. surgical specialty teams arrive and perform life saving surgeries at no cost to the patient. Our only expense is $175.00 per patient hospitalization. 


Other Help

o   $15 - outpatient clinic treatment for 5 persons
o   $20 -  transport & food for 1 surgical patient
o   $50 - cure 5 people of malaria or parasites

o   $175 - life changing surgery





People waiting to be seen in the clinic

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IC Haiti Fund

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Chapel constructed at Moreau

The chapel in Moreau is the first chapel that has been rebuilt since Hurricane Matthew destroyed many of the chapels in remote mountain villages in 2016. Our 2019 mission crew had the joy of hiking out to the chapel dedication ceremony and celebration. It was constructed by local crafts people who were supported by the IC Haiti Ministry.